Link & Activate Code

If you are bored with the traditional movie or TV show channels and want that your Tv must play the new streaming media then here is a solution to your need. brings a large number of devices that make your tv smart enough to play the streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a lot more like them. Roku link device is a very tiny device with lots of advanced streaming features. Even one can save the streaming media in the USB media player. There is a private listening feature too that helps us to listen to the audio system privately without disturbing others in device.

How to Plug in the Roku device
  • Unbox your Roku device package and see whether the box consist of
  • A Roku Device
  • Mounting Strip
  • Roku remote with batteries
  • HDMI cable
  • Wall plug and
  • A micro USB cable
  1. Take the micro USB cable and plug it in the wall plug then plug it into the wall power socket.
  2. Connect the micros USB end at the backside of the Roku link device.
  3. Then plug one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku HDMI socket and the other end to the HDMI input of your TV.
  4. You can mount the Roku device to the wall using the mounting strip.
  5. Put the batteries to the remote.

Turn on your Roku device and set up it manually

  • Turn on the switch of your device as well as TV from the power supply
  • Then click on the power button present on the Roku link remote.
  • Now go to the menu bar of your TV and switch HDMI section of your TV
  • Then select the correct number of the HDMI port as you plug in the cable
  • The Roku logo will appear on TV. If the logo is not visible then wait for some time or turn on and off the device. device Setup Online

roku link
  1. For this step, you require the remote. Make sure you have inserted batteries into the remote
  2. Now the TV screen will show you many language options. Scroll the English(United States) and press the Ok button on the remote.
  3. Then Roku will redirect you to the connection list.
  4. Here you have to scroll on your Wi-Fi name and press Ok to select your wifi.
  5. If the wifi consist of password security then fill up the password using alphabets as well as numbers present on the remote and press the ok button.
  6. Once you connect to the wifi connection the Roku link device will automatically download the latest software.
  7. Now it will scan for the display type according to the pixels of your TV.
  8. This is an automatic process as the display type is selected by the device itself.
  9. Then the TV screen will display the 4 digit activation code. Note it down for future use.

All about the activation of the Roku device using activation code

  • Open any web browser on your Pc or mobile and navigate to
  • Enter the code present on your TV screen.
  • Now Roku will ask to create an account for the further process
  • Select the 'No, I need to create one option and click on it

To create a new Roku account

  • While creating the Roku account you need to provide the payment information.
  • Don't worry as no money will be deducted from your account without your permission.
  • It will deduct money only when you actively purchase any product
  • Also, provide the billing address as well as select the country of residence as the United States.
  • Then the list of selective channels will appear on your screen. Select which channels you require on your device
  • It will also ask you to sign up for the free trial but it is not required
  • This is all about the Roku account setup.

Now an 'All Done' Symbol will appear on your screen and the setup gets completed automatically. Roku will automatically play a tutorial video to learn about navigation for every corner of the device. You can also add channels manually by going to the streaming service channel option. Enjoy the streaming service provided by you.